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Products You Can Trust

From vendor selection to recipe formulation, we take pride in using simple, natural ingredients. No fillers. No BS. 

All products are extensively tested on our own family before ever being offered to yours. 

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Why We Do This 

We didn't start out with the intention of selling products. Working long, hard days in the Southern California sun as a commercial roofer, I found that my masks, knee pads, and bandanas frequently developed an "aroma" throughout the day. I hated coming back from break and having to strap a smelly mask on my face. I searched for natural odor-eliminating products and could never find anything adequate. 

A little research and several experiments later, I came up with an early version of our Mask and Pad Spray. The fellas on my crew quickly took notice, and soon I was providing it to my whole team. A thought that I was on to something lingered quietly in my head, but other priorities prevailed. 

Years later, and after an exhaustive search for a lotion that would cure my dry, cracking hands, I decided to try making my own lotion. This is when I was first introduced to kokum butter, an amazing moisturizer that fixed my skin when nothing else would work. Seeing the results on my hands, I wondered if its potent makeup of SOS triglycerides would do well on lips, too. 

The first attempt wasn't perfect, but we were immediately impressed by how luxurious, nourishing, and moisturizing the test batch was. We have not used commercial lip balms since that day. After a few complete failures, a couple of close misses, and a "hell yea" moment, we came up with our Lip Butter recipe. Friends and family loved it and encouraged us to sell it.

This emboldened us to see what other common products we could improve. It turns out, that improving conventionally available products is not that hard. They are chock full of fillers, artificial crap, and potentially harmful ingredients. This makes the products cheap but does not make them good. 

I promise you, we will never sacrifice quality for marketability, low prices, or profit. 

- Jef McCurdy, Co-founder 

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